Our Company

Livinwell Care medical tourism and consultancy is a medical concierge to facilitate patients to get treatment in the right doctor in the destinated hospital. We believe in building trust and providing personalized service to our patients. When you come to us, you know your loved ones are in safe hands because we understand your concerns and work closely with you in resolving those issues.

Our Mission

At Livinwell Care, we understand that everyone needs medical attention at some point in their lives. We not only provide personalized care to our patients and their families but also ensure that quality healthcare is never farther than a phone call away.
Therefore, our mission at Livinwell Care  is to help you gain access to medical care whenever you need it the most. We do all the legwork for you so that you can get treated by the best in the industry and focus on recovering from your illness.
In the last few years , Livinwell Care has proudly helped over hundreds international patients by providing them with effective and efficient treatment options. Thanks to our legion of satisfied customers, today we are present in more than 30 countries, making us one of the most trusted medical concierge brand that help indonesian patients travel for medical destination abroad. 

Why Us?

We have partnered with more than 50 hospitals and 2500+ surgeons as well as specialists that cater to every patient need with empathy and professional excellence.
We handpick our doctors and hospitals that you see on our website. We visit each one of them, talk to them personally, collect their experiences, stories, and professional description that will be useful for you in making an informed decision.
When you come to us, we guarantee you to get the best service, whether you come seeking treatment or expert guidance from one of the doctors on our panels.
Our job is to provide you with available options from world renowned experts, thanks to our comprehensive network in the healthcare world.


Team Livinwell aims to be your single point of contact when you plan for treatment in your destinated country. We offer you end-to-end services and logistical support to make the process of treatment hassle-free as well as seamless. These services are specifically designed to overcome the challenges faced by international patients during their pre and post-treatment stay.


Livinwell-Care is proudly working with best doctors majoring in their specialist field. We always refer patients to the best and affordable medical destination with the best doctors majoring in the treatment


Livinwell-Care always putting the convinience and the efficiency process of treatment for the patients.


Livinwell-Care keep on updating about the trend of medical technology so patients are well informed and have knowledge of the updated technology in medical world.


Livinwell-Care put the services and patients health and wellness in the first place, so we want our patient to feel Welcome and safe in consulting with us.